Landscape Design

Click here to download our easy-to-use template to help guide you through your landscape design with Abby’s.

Landscape Design, Layout and Installation

At Abby’s Parkside Nursery, we have helped our customers create beautiful landscapes for their homes. Whether you are looking to renovate your front yard, create a backyard oasis, or just add a bit of curb appeal for a sale, we can help you plan and implement a design you will want to admire for years to come.

In creating your own garden, Abby’s can assist you from the initial planning stage, selecting the appropriate plant material for your specific location and tastes, all the way to the final planting/installation stages.

We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate if you are considering a landscape renovation. We can provide approximate costs for planting, installation and additional materials (soils, etc.) so that we can stay within your specified budget.

Preparing For Abby’s Visit

In our experience, we have found that while knowing the right plant material to design into a landscape is important, so is the ability to ask the right questions, especially when it comes to planning your landscape. Your answers help us tailor a plan that meets your needs most effectively. Some of the questions we’ll ask are:

  • What areas of your property are you interested in landscaping?
  • What problems or concerns is your existing landscaping posing?
  • How do you plan on utilizing your property?
  • What are some of your favorite plants you’d like to see incorporated in your landscape?
  • What budget have you established for your landscape?

Additionally, if you have any pictures of other homes, or from magazines/books, be sure to show them to us as well. This is a great way to show us what you like or dislike about a particular design or plant species.