Things To Do In March


    • Clean out shrub, flower, perennial and vegetable beds of debris left from winter.


    • Begin preparing vegetable garden soil for planting. Add lime, garden tone from espoma,and Bumper Crop soil conditioner and compost.


    • Plant cold crops such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, lettuces and peas late in march.


    • Start seedlings of tomatoes, peppers and any other Veggies indoors around 3/15.


    • Begin fertilizing houseplants.


    • Fertilize evergreens with Hollytone


    • Feed deciduous bushes and trees with plant tone


    • Rake and aerate lawns at the end of march.


    • Lime lawns to sweeten soil.


    • Begin dormant spraying of trees.


    • Plant elephant ear bulbs indoors now.