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A Year in Review and What to do

The winter of 2017 – 2018 hung on later than normal. Green–Up with Crabgrass applications where constantly delayed due to rain. Excessive rain in spring and summer resulted in erratic crabgrass control.

Late spring broadleaf weed controls with Green-Up Weed & Feed were also disrupted due to rain. Summer came and it was hot, then cold and rainy again. Fungus came on strong and control was difficult due to the many environmental stresses on the grass.

September arrived and again we had haphazard weather with more hot, cold and rainy weather than normal. Insects arrived later than usual in the season with chinch bugs and grubs feasting on stressed lawns in late September. Rains delayed a lot of summer damage repair re-seeding.

Any seed that does not germinate now, will in the spring.

What to do?

Delayed Crabgrass Prevention? Our Green-Up with Crabgrass Preventer can be applied even after the crabgrass germinates as long as you apply it before it reaches the three leaf stage. Interrupted Green-Up Weed and Feed? If temperatures climb above 85°, feed your lawn with Organic Lawn Food with no risk of lawn burn in the heat and apply Lawn Weed Control when temperatures cool to below 85°. Fungus? Keep an eye out on your lawn in the morning dew for what look like spider webs. These aren’t webs – they are fungal mycelia – it is how fungus spreads. Apply Lawn Fungus Control to prevent fungal damage. Applying Love Your Soil will also make it harder for the fungus to spread by opening up airflow to the soil and disrupting the water movement that spreads the mycelia. Insects?Apply Grub and Insect Control the first week of July to kill grubs in their larval stage and kill any surface feeding insects that are present. Seed didn’t germinate in October? Planting grass seed is best in September. Hopefully next year it won’t rain so much.

Prize Winning Lawn

Congratulations Kevin of NJ! His photo was chosen as the grand prize winner of the Jonathan Green “Show Us Your Lawn” photo contest. He will be receiving a $500.00 gift card to use on anything at Schwering’s Hardware, Palmyra, NJ. Kevin will also receive a New American Lawn 4-Step Program to help him continue to grow a beautiful lawn.