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Crazy for Hydrangea

There are two kinds of people in July…Those who have Hydrangeas and those that wish they did.

The flowers burst in sherbet shades of blue, purple, pink and white. They are so big and fluffy that they seem to be nature’s way of celebrating the best days of Summer.

There is a nostalgia that goes with this elegant lady. It reminds me of the houses along the beach.

They are easy to cultivate. You can put them in containers, use them as a foundation screen or a garden centerpiece. They are tolerant of all kinds of soils, although they do best in a moist porous mix. They bloom best with lots of sun and a good fertilizer like Espoma Holly-tone. Many of the new varieties bloom faster and more frequently because they bloom on “new wood”. Our staff is happy to show you this.

You can change a hydrangea from pink to blue by changing the ph of your soil. The flowers will turn pink when the ph level is above 7 and blue when the ph level is below 6. Come visit us at Abby’s to purchase “Color Me Pink” or “Color Me Blue Hydrangea food. This will not affect white Hydrangeas.

We have many spectacular varieties like Limelight, Pee Gees, Endless Summer and Blushing Bride and we can give you all the information you need to grow big fluffy, colorful hydrangeas.