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Fall Lawn Care Guide

Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn in the Fall?

Fall fertilizing is a crucial step in restoring your lawn to a healthy state. Fertilizing will help grass roots develop and strengthen so that your lawn will survive the winter. Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food contains humates, which aids in root development, is low in Nitrogen, providing a well balanced formula ideal for winter turf protection, and includes iron, to give the lawn a deep-green color. Looking for a quality, organic fertilizer? Try our Natural Beauty Organic Lawn Food or our Black Beauty Organic Lawn Food for a slow, gentle feeding that will give your lawn the nutrients it needs.

It is Not Too Late to Overseed Your Lawn this Fall!

Last month we recommended seeding and fertilizing your lawn. If you have not had a chance to you still have time. This month be sure to reseed any damaged areas with Fall Magic or another one of our Black Black Beauty Grass Seed Mixtures. The same day you seed, also apply