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For Your Tomato Garden

Growing your own vegetable garden can be fun. You can grow tomatoes in your garden or in containers or even hanging pots, as long as they get at least 6 hours of sun daily.

Prepare your soil by turning it over and adding Bumper Crop Compost, Espoma Tomato Tone or Garden Tone and lime. Transplant your plants in the garden later in spring. [May 1-15], when all chances of frost has passed. Water well when first planting outside. Water only when soil is quite dry and as early in the day as possible. Try to avoid wetting the leaves. Stake or cage your tomatoes as soon as you plant outside – they will surely start growing quickly. Space 24″ apart. Fertilize every two weeks with Tomato Tone or Garden Tone.

Cherry Tomatoes:
Sweet 100’s
Red Cherry

Slicing Tomatoes:
Beef Steak
Carolina Gold
Big Boy

Plum [Sauce] Tomatoes:
San Marzano
Viva Italia
Flower Box Roma

Heirloom Tomatoes:
Black Krim
Belgian Giant