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Lawn Care

Jonathan Green 4 Step Program
For most of us our lawn is one of the largest landscaping project that we will ever attempt. The lawn has been described as the “picture frame” for the house. A good lawn isn’t hard to grow, if you stick to the basics.

Lawns need to receive a steady supply of food, metered out over weeks or months. It is stressful on the plant, and potentially destructive, too alternatively over feed and then starve your lawn. When you spread Jonathan Green Fertilizer you can be confident that the fertilizer food sources and weed or insect controls used have been selected from the most advanced technology available.

Scotts Lawn Care With products from Scotts, Jonathan Green and a number of organic suppliers, Abby’s has the products you need to start, maintain, repair and enjoy your lawn. We carry a full line of fertilizers, weed killers and pest controls along with the tools to safely and effectively apply these products. Source: Scotts Company: www.scotts.com

Grass has been around for a long time, and it has done pretty well on its own. For example, think of a meadow where the grass looks great. But, it only looks great from afar. A closer inspection reveals bare spots, weeds and unsightly “scars.”

We expect more from the grass in our yards. It’s not a meadow. It’s part of our home, and the grasses growing in a meadow often are not ideal for a home lawn. When we mow, we cut off a great deal of the plant, and grasses compensate for this loss by growing new shoots. This comes at a cost to the plant, and fertilizing can help provide the necessary nutrients the grass needs to develop a thick, green turf.

Lawn owners can also help grass combat heat, insects, dry weather, foot traffic and constant mowing by giving the grass what it requires — a generous supply of the proper nutrients. And, in order to achieve optimum results — and have that thick, green lawn we like surrounding our homes — it is important to provide those nutrients year-round.

Along with grass seed, spreaders and watering products, Abby’s carries the Scott’s 4-Step program to provide our customers with the best annual lawn feeding program around. Come by or call Abby’s for advice on the type of seed that will work best for your lawn.

Additionally, the links at www.Scotts.com have excellent sources of information to diagnose and solve your major lawn issues year round:
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Another useful problem solving site is through Bayer Advanced, one of Abby’s product suppliers of lawn and vegetable gardens: www.bayeradvanced.com