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Things to do in October

Fall is the best time of year to plant new trees and shrubs. Your new plantings will not be stressed and can root before they go dormant.

Continue to divide and transplant perennials and begin fall clean up

Plant Spring flower bulbs make sure to use bonemeal

Spring flowering plants may be planted for filling the spaces between shrubs with color.

During dry periods ensure that sufficient water is available for good bud formation in Spring flowering plants.

Continue watering as needed.

Continue fall leaf clean up.

Deciduous hedging shrubs which are bare-rooted may be planted between now and early Spring (provided that the ground is not frozen). Trim back excessively long or damaged roots before planting.

Hedges generally should not be trimmed from now until the Spring, unless the weather has been unusually mild.

New lawns can be seeded or new turf can be laid. The ground is first dug over, removing all perennial weeds. The large lumps of soil can be left to be broken down by frost action, and the surface raked level in Spring.

The remains of summer flowering annuals may be removed.