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Versatile Begonias

Perhaps one of the most versatile family of plants is the Begonia family. There are many beautiful varieties from single to double flowers, ruffled petal to camellia or carnation forms of Begonias. Their colors are extremely vivid ranging from red, orange, pink, white, coral, yellow to fuchsia pink and some are even bi-colors. The Begonia will perform well in containers, hanging pots, garden beds and window boxes in sunny or shady areas.

Choose from Hiemalis [shade] and Solenia [sun] varieties that offer blooms 2-3” across. Wax Begonias come in some fantastic new varieties that perform wonderful from full sun to shade, grow up to 20” tall and wide and are super drought tolerant. Foliage color is green or bronze/burgundy. Some examples are Big Begonia and Dragon Wings.

Begonias will bloom for you all season long until frost. They should be planted in soil that drains well [no standing water]. While most varieties are tolerant of dryness or drought, the do need be fed regularly with a blossom booster plant food.